The Ghosts of Vaasa

Original title: Aaveiden kaupunki - kummitustarinoita Vaasasta

Do you believe in ghosts?

Even if you don't, the stories of ghosts exist and have always been with us. They are folklore and a form of traditional storytelling. And who knows, sometimes ghost stories just might be true.

This book is a collection of ghost stories from the city of Vaasa on the west coast of Finland. These stories take place in the city's museums, hotels, historical buildings, cafés and even the surrounding forests.

Welcome to Vaasa, a city of ghosts.

Titel: The Ghosts of Vaasa

Författare: Tiina Hietikko-Hautala

Förlag: Förlaget Scriptum

Boktyp: Spökhistorier | Limbunden

ISBN: 978-952-5496-63-5

Sidoantal: 76 s

Utgivningsår: 2009

Lager status: I lager